Wednesday, December 29, 2010

End of Year Posting

Hoquium, Washington
14" x 21" image size
watercolor.....  SOLD

Morioka Japan, Uchimaru District
image size 18"x25"
watercolor  SOLD

Harbor, Ilwaco ,Washington
image size 12" x9".....  SOLD

Harbor Bridge, Fort Bragg, California
image size 18" x 26"
watercolor  SOLD

Available paintings, contact the artist for further information

Roman Street
image size 21" x 14"

Lake Point, Utah
image size 9"x13"
watercolor.....  SOLD

Harbor, Fort Bragg, California
image size 12"x16"

Farm in Kamas, Utah
image size 9"x12"
watercolor...  SOLD

First place professional award, Utah State Fair, 2010

Inner Harbor
image size 13"x21"
watercolor....  SOLD

Available paintings, Best of Show, Utah State Fair, 2009

Billingsgate Market, London, circa 1960